Abbott plant in Michigan restarts production of Similac baby formula

ByABC7 Chicago Digital Team via WLS logo
Saturday, August 27, 2022
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Abbott is re-starting production of its most popular baby formula, Similac at its Michigan factory.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Abbott is re-starting production of its most popular baby formula, Similac.

The plant in Michigan shut down production earlier this year over concerns of formula being contaminated.

Since Abbott is the largest formula manufacturer in the country it ricocheted across the industry causing critical nationwide supply shortages.

After a nationwide recall of baby formula and the subsequent shut down of a major manufacturing plant triggered a severe shortage in February, the United States Department of Agriculture issued a series of waivers so that families who buy baby formula with government assistance could get a wider range of sizes and brands with their benefits.

Abbott also pledged to cover the cost for families who needed to buy alternative formulas. Abbott hold the contracts to supply baby formula to WIC programs in 40 US states and territories.

The plant had restarted production in June but two weeks later it was shut down once again after severe flooding.

In July, Abbott re-opened productions lines for specialty formulas. Now the standard formula will be back on store shelves soon.

The CNN Wire contributed to this report