Chicago Mayor Candidate: Amara Enyia

Amara Enyia lives on Chicago's West Side. In addition to degrees in journalism and political science, she earned a Masters degree in education, a law degree where she focused on international and environmental law, and a PhD in Education Policy.

Amara Enyia founded the Institute for Cooperative Economics and Economic Innovation, a social lab whose primary purpose is to educate, assist, and advocate for the expansion of cooperative economic models and other innovative economic development concepts that would diversify Chicago's economic eco-system such as worker-owned cooperatives, housing cooperatives, community land trusts, sharing economy platforms, and financial institutions and products that support these enterprises.

She co-authored the book "Chicago Isn't Broke: Funding the City We Deserve" which proposes fiscally responsible revenue-generating proposals for the City as well as ways to eliminate corruption and waste in city government.

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