Republican State Rep. Amy Grant called on to drop out of race after 'racist,' 'homophobic' remarks about opponent

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Republican State Rep. Amy Grant called on to drop out of race after comments about opponent
There are calls tonight for a Republican State Representative to drop out of the election race because of recorded comments she made about her opponent.

DUPAGE COUNTY, Ill. (WLS) -- There are calls for Republican State Rep. Amy Grant, who represents the 42nd District in DuPage County, to drop out of the race after recorded remarks about her opponent. Some have called the remarks both racist and homophobic.

"This conduct is outrageous and despicable," said State Rep. Greg Harris (IL-13).

Illinois House Democrats responded to the recorded comments made during a fundraising call with a prospective donor, which she consented to be recorded. In the call, she talks about opponent Democrat Ken Mejia-Beal, who is both African American and openly gay.

"He's just another one of those Cook County people. That's all you're going to vote for is the Cook County, you know another Black caucus," she says.

"Mentioning Cook County is just a code word for Black," said ABC7 Political Analyst Laura Washington.

Members of the Black and LGBTQ caucuses in the legislature played the call for reporters.

"I'm afraid he's afraid of the reaction people might give him," Grant says. "Not because he's Black. But because of the way he talks. He's all LGBTQ."

The group Equality Illinois issued a statement comments, saying, "Homophobia and bigotry must have no home in DuPage County or anywhere in Illinois. Grant must drop out of the election."

Grant declined to speak on camera, but offered a statement saying, "I deeply regret the comments I made about Ken Mejia-Beal, and reached out to apologize this morning. These comments do not reflect my heart or my faith."

Grant also spoke to Mejia-Beal to apologize, but in a written statement he called her comments "hurtful, degrading and wholly unacceptable."