Too cold for lemonade, kids sell coffee

January 21, 2008 4:04:15 PM PST
Summer just wouldn't be the same without kids setting up lemonade stands. The winter can be a hard time of year for youngsters to earn some extra cash, but three very young businessmen in suburban Glenview have come up with a solution that's keeping people warm.

The lemonade stand is probably five months away ... and about 80 degrees. So three Glenview youngsters have decided to do a little June in January business: coffee, hot coffee, and it's Kona, directly from a family vacation in Hawaii.

"When we were in Hawaii, we bought some coffee, and then on the way back I had an idea that not to just drink it but to sell it, and then we just started that this morning," said Asher Rothstein, hot coffee stand entrepreneur.

So 11-year-old Asher and his two 10-year-old buddies Will and Nick opened for business Monday morning. A quality cup of coffee they say at quality prices.

"We charge $3.50," Asher said.

"We put in a mixture of--Starbucks' price, which is about like three dollars, and we added about fifty cents because it's grown in Hawaii and Hawaii only," said Nick Niznik.

They are raising money to buy a new expensive home video game. Cold cash for hot coffee.

The kids did pretty well Monday. They sold about 15 cups of coffee. Now they're planning on opening their stand every other morning for the early morning drivers. And they are learning that business is tough.

"There's no way you're going to get a ton of people on the first day, so what I've really learned in business is, you're going to make money, but you're going to lose a lot of money," said Will Fine, fifth grade businessman.

Asher, Nick and Will. In 20 years we'll all be working for them.