Woman praying for return of stolen van


A forest green 1995 Chevy van was stolen last Friday morning. The owner of the van, a Lakeview amputee, says the thief, or thieves, ignored a handicapped windshield decal, a fold-up wheelchair in the back seat and crutches in the front seat. The young woman on a fixed income says she purchased the used van so that she could get around. And now she feels trapped and lost without it.

"I am disabled so you would not think anybody would do anything like this to a disabled person," Williams said.

Williams, 34, sits on her motorized wheel chair outside of her Lakeview apartment hoping someone will see the sign she has posted in the handicapped parking space where her van was stolen on Friday morning. She has a migraine and has been crying for days because she feels lost without the use of her van.

"It was my lifeline to the world, it's how I get around go shopping, do everyday normal things like everybody else," said Williams.

Williams' right leg was amputated six months ago. The former steelworker was injured in a freak accident. She fell from a fourth floor apartment window while installing an air conditioner. After years of painful surgeries she decided on amputation. She moved to the Lakeview community so she could be closer to her doctors. She begs the thief to return her van.

"I am supposed to be in therapy right now and I'm sitting here because I cannot go anywhere, I am stuck. I need my vehicle back, it is the most important thing in my life," said Williams.

"That's terrible. That's sad. It's awful that someone would do that," said Monique Demery, Lakeview resident.

"I hope the message gets out to the person who took it," said Nicole Jeffrey, Lakeview resident.

Williams says she purchased the van so she could be independent and get on with her life.

"I will come out here every day and sit. I want him to see me. I want him to see what he has done and the position that I'm in, that he has really hurt somebody," said Williams.

Williams says she knows she has to be strong because she loves life and wants to live. She says it saddens and angers her to see that someone would do this to her. The van was her lifeline and second home. Without it she cannot get around to go to her doctors or go shopping for food.

Not only has Williams lost the use of her right leg but her left leg is severely arthritic. The young woman is praying her van will be returned.

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