Stolen special needs tricycle returned

CRYSTAL LAKE , Ill. Thirteen-year-old Allison Babiarz loves her tricycle. But thieves stole the custom trike last week.

Her family says police returned the tricycle just before 6 pm. Monday at their house after someone dropped it off at police headquarters.

It has a flat tire and the seat is torn. But it's still operational.

Kim Babiarz says the family saved $2,000 in order to purchase the bike last year for Allison, who is unable to ride a regular bicycle. They discovered it was missing from their home in Crystal Lake Saturday.

Allison said her bike is a life line.

"That was my personal bike and I had a freedom. I felt like my freedom was taken away from me," Allison said.

The bike has three wheels. Allison doesn't have the ability to ride a two-wheeler. She doesn't have the balance and the coordination. Her custom bike allows her to have the stability to ride it.

Allison's mother said she could not believe the trike was stolen from their garage on Driftwood Lane while they were at home.

"You feel like you are violated. You are concerned, are they going to come back," said Kim Babiarz.

Kim says Allison has had a number of surgeries on her legs and eyes and that her therapist says the bike is absolutely necessary for her rehab.

This is the first bike that she has ever had. It is something that allows Allison to be like other children.

"I can ride a bike like everybody else even though it is custom made," she said.

"All we want is the bike back, no questions asked," Kim said before its return.

Police said it would be a difficult bike to hide.

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