Murder victim's father takes polygraph test

CHICAGO Officers are re-interviewing family members, including the girl's father who agreed to take a lie detector test.

Richard Lyons told police he found his daughter in an alley behind his home. She had been stabbed several times.

Police have already conducted DNA tests of neighbors and family members. So far, there are no suspects in the case.

In the murder of a child, police say they take an exhaustive look at family members. That can be quite uncomfortable for investigators and painful for relatives who lost a loved one. As for the status of the investigation, police are not commenting, but based on their reactions Thursday, they have more questions for family members. Two detectives arrived Thursday morning to take Richard Lyons for a polygraph test.

"They let me know they were coming to get him for a polygraph," said Kila Akins, neighbor.

Last week, immediately after the murder, police said the family was cooperating fully and that the father was not a suspect.

"We have done everything the right way. We followed all of our laws," said Richard Lyons.

On Monday, he thanked and praised the police for all of their hard work. He did field questions from detectives in the hours after the murder. And the request that he and his son provide their DNA, he said, was disconcerting, but he agreed because it would help investigators.

"I am confident that whoever did it, the light will be shined on them and that person will be flushed out," Richard Lyons said.

Police had questions about the circumstances that prompted Mya to leave her house after she settled in for the night, and there were questions surrounding the discovery of his daughter's body in a nearby alley. Detectives say there was no 911 call, and he drove his daughter to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Richard Lyons said he tried to get his daughter to the hospital as quickly as he could.

A woman identified as his wife accompanied detectives to the polygraph. He returned home but said he couldn't comment on camera.

"He talked to Richard and promised me he did not kill his daughter, but whoever the murderer is, whether it is in his house or down the street, he wants them found," said Akins.

Nobody from the family is under arrest. From all appearances they remain very cooperative with police. Richard Lyons said there has been no change in the status of the investigation. He declined an invitation to go on camera, saying the family needs time to heal.

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