PEDZ: Pedometers for Children

What better way to encourage your youngsters to get moving outside instead of staying on the sofa inside. These easy-to-use and frog-shaped pedometers come in vibrant colors and help children track steps taken and calories burned. Children can create their own online accounts and track progress, play games, set goals, and compete with their friends (it's like Webkinz, but for fitness!). Retails for $12.99 and available in select stores and at

Kogen is the creator of Fit 4 Kids, a wellness and fitness company that runs programs for schools and park districts throughout Illinois.

Facts about Pedz

Pedz are the first pedometer for kids that involves using the internet They count steps, miles, km and calories burned Each pedometer comes with a secret code allowing the buyer access to the website Pedometers haven proven to be a great motivating tool to get kids active The website allows kids to track how many steps they take The website also lets kids set goals, challenge friends, play games, earn points Retail price $12.99-$15.99 Available online and in retail stores; for locations visit

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