Naperville prepares for possible flood

December 26, 2008 8:17:50 PM PST
In Naperville, representatives from all operating departments met on Friday to prepare for the possible flooding. The city's Department of Public Work Employees have been addressing icy road conditions but will now switch gears to address the potential for flooding.

Crews are clearing vital water inlets to ensure water continues to flow as it begins accumulate.

City officials are also urging residents to take their own preventative measures.

"You may want to make sure you sump pump is working properly.. that the discharge pipe on the sump pump isn't frozen up. Check around the outside of your area and if doesn't put you into any danger, kind of see if you can break away the snow and ice from the drains so when the rain does come it going to seep that way rather than to starting flood the streets," said Lt. Dave Szablewski, emergency preparedness coordinator

If Naperville's main roads do begin to flood, barriers will be put into place immediately and volunteers will be asked to help sandbag.