Ill. soldier surprises daughter with visit home

February 16, 2009 12:22:42 PM PST
A young girl from Kankakee was in for quite a surprise Sunday at her gymnastics meet.Seven-year-old Jessica Hunt thought she was in for a typical Sunday, but during her meet at Golden's Gym, a special guest came to watch her.

Jessica's father, Army Sgt. Jarrett Hunt, had just returned home from Afghanistan after being away since August.

It was an emotional reunion.

"I'm really, really happy because I haven't seen him in a whole year," Jessica told ABC7 Chicago.

"I haven't seen her that excited in a long time. It was hard for me. You know. Almost made me want to cry, but my mother does that enough for me," Sgt. Hunt said.

Hunt's likeness had been attending Jessica's meets in the form of a cardboard cut-out. But the real deal is home on furlough for two weeks.