Pork Brine

1 Whole 10 Bone Rack of Pork
1 qt. Apple Cider/Juice
3 Tbl. Morton's Kosher Salt
2 Tbl. Light Brown Sugar
1 oz Crushed Garlic
1 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes

Note: 1 quart of liquid per pound of protein. 2 gallons of brine max for larger cuts of meat.

1. Add all ingredients except the pork rack/chops to a sauce pan 2. Bring to a simmer and allow to cook for approx 3-5 minutes 3. Remove from heat and allow to cool below 40 degrees. Place into a metal container and place that into an ice water bath to cool rapidly. This can be done in your sink at home. 4. Once the brining liquid has cooled, place your protein into either a high sided pan or into a zip lock plastic bag to start the brining process. 5. Place the food into a fridge or cooler to keep cold while it is brining. 6. Once done remove from brine and discard brine. 7. Rinse the meat and pat dry with paper towel before grilling.

Note: Depending on amount of protein used go with 1 hour of brine time per pound of protein not to exceed 8 hours at a time. Pat dry the brined protein to remove any extra sugars that might burn the product while grilling. Rinsing the large cuts of meat helps to wash away any remaining sugar, so as not to burn while cooking.

Place on properly seasoned and hot grill and cook indirectly for about 15-20 seconds per side to create the grill marks. Then place onto an indirect part of the grill to continue cooking. This allows the meat to cook while not being in direct contact with high heat thus keeping it from burning. Depending on the item to cook its suggested to bring pork to around 150 to 155 degrees. Chicken to 160-165 degrees before removing from heat. Carry over cooking will bring the product up to the perfect temperature.

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