Funeral held for 3 Darien victims

March 9, 2010 4:37:50 AM PST
Nearly a week after three brutal murders in the middle of the night, loved ones gathered Monday to say goodbye to members of the Kramer family.

Jeffrey, his wife Lori, and their son Michael were all shot inside their Darien home.

Monday's service come just a day after the two men charged in the family's murders were denied bond. Prosecutors believe the murders were the result of a custody battle over a 1-year-old child.

The custody battle is over the child of 25-year-old Angela Kramer and her ex-boyfriend, Johnny Borizov. He is one of the two men charged with the Kramer murders. Jeff, Lori and Michael Kramer were killed last Tuesday morning. They were remembered Monday with White Sox jerseys and tow trucks.

Three hearses carrying the bodies of Jeff, Lori and Michael Kramer pulled up in front Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. They were followed by a black limonene carrying close family members. Twenty-nine-year-old Anthony Kramer, who escaped the Kramer's home the morning of the murders, put his fist in the air as the funeral procession arrived. He and others wore Sox jerseys and sunglasses in honor of 20-year-old Michael Kramer.

"Young people have signs and symbols and teams they stand behind. It is about the bonding," said Father Edward Ward.

Father Ward had the difficult job of giving the homily at the funeral of three people who were brutally murdered. He says surviving family members were too overcome with grief to help him personalize the homily.

"I was asking to for them to provide some material for today's mass, maybe something could read, maybe something could say something. It was hard to proceed with that, because of the sudden nature of this were shocked, very much stunned," Ward said.

Jeff, Lori and their son Michael Kramer were shot multiple times. Angela Kramer hid in a closet while calling 9-1-1. DuPage County prosecutors say she was the intended target. Her ex-boyfriend, Johnny Borizov, and his friend, Jacob Nodarse, are charged with the murders.

A 17-year-old girlfriend of Michael Kramer's also escaped the home the evening of the murders. She held on to a teddy bear at Monday's funeral.

The funeral procession was followed by a caravan of tow trucks. Jeff Kramer owned a towing business.

"We're bringing out our trucks, showing respect, showing them that we all stand behind everybody here," said Greg Zimmerman, tow truck operator.

"We're a pretty close group in the towing association, and we just show respect for each other in that way," said Lloyd Shaw, tow truck operator.

With over a dozen tow trucks, the procession proceeded to Mount Auburn Memorial Park in Stickney.

Nodarse and Borizov are due back in court March 29. They are eligible for the death penalty, but prosecutors have not decided whether they will seek it.