Company sells earth-friendly cleaning products

April 30, 2010 (CHICAGO) The company has the largest solar electric panel of any commercial building in Illinois. It's in Addison at the headquarters of a company named appropriately enough 'Earth Friendly Products.' It went online this week at a cost of about $250,000. But with tax credits and rebates, the system will soon pay for itself.

"After the return investment of between five and 15 years, all the energy generated after that time is clean and free," said Garrett Schweikhofer, Sun Heap Solar.

That kind of thinking shouldn't come as a surprise. The cleaning products manufacturer has been around since 1967 and was recently cited by an industry organization as one of the top 100 green companies in the country.

"We make everthing from laundry detergent to all-purpose cleaner and everything in between. We only use 100 percent sustainable plant-based ingredients," said Luke Bobek, Earth Friendly Sales.

The locally-based operation has a huge product line under the Earth Friendly and Ecos labels.

"When they buy green products, it's safer for them and their family," said Bobek.

And all that brings us back to their building in Addison. They moved here in 2008. It too is part of that sustainable philosophy. In addition to the new solar energy system, they also utilize, for example, bamboo flooring, non-toxic paint and recycled furniture. They say it all just makes sense.

"We have the greenest possible products on the market and then when people come and visit our facilities, they can see that we are actively practicing what we preach. We're just not trying to sell another green product," said Bobek.

The Earth Friendly products are available at most major retailers in the Chicago area. For a complete list of what they make and where you can find their supplies, visit

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