Bulletproof Shoulders: Healthy, Pain-Free Shoulders from the Inside-Out

Fitness coach and owner of Phenomenal Fitness, Sean Armstead, has developed a series of movements that do wonders for avoiding shoulder pain and for improving the health of unstable shoulders. Sean says joint instability is the result of muscles around the joint being too weak or tight (muscle imbalances). Muscle imbalances adversely affect proper function of the shoulder joint. Two causes of instability and shoulder pain are poor posture and lack of appropriate exercise, he adds.

The most effective way to tackle this very common challenge is on two fronts:

1. Improving sitting, standing and sleeping postures/positions.

2. Corrective exercise (bulletproof shoulder series). For today's segment, Sean will focus on exercises that help correct the muscles imbalances that cause instability, which can often lead to pain in the shoulders.

This circuit is very valuable and effective for pregnant women, baseball players, football quarter backs (throwing athletes), baby boomers and those concerned with shoulder joint function, Sean says.


Owner of Phenomenal Fitness and Illinois State Director for the National Strength and Conditioning Association Sean Armstead has been a personal trainer since 1993. Sean's fitness creed is: "The heart of a successful conditioning program is commitment, consistency and correctness." The Phenomenal Fitness approach to training is based on a screening process that allows the staff to discover what each individual needs. A program is developed to emphasize muscle balance and optimal joint function through body alignment, stability, muscle strength, and power. For more information, contact Sean Armstead at 312.360.0303, or visit this website at http://www.phenomenalfitness.com/

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