Chrysler recalls Dodge Caliber over sticky pedals

June 4, 2010 (WASHINGTON)

The pedals were made by CTS Corp., the Elkhart, Ind., company that manufactured pedals involved in the recall of more than 2 million Toyotas earlier this year. Chrysler told NHTSA the pedals were "a completely different design" and made "with different tooling" than the pedals involved in Toyota's recall.

NHTSA opened an investigation into the Chrysler pedals in April. The auto company noted that the small SUVs have "smart brake" technology allowing the brake to override the gas pedal and safely bring the vehicle to a stop. Chrysler said it did not consider the problem a safety defect but decided to conduct a safety recall anyway.

The automaker said it was unaware of any reports of accidents, injuries or property damage related to the pedals. In documents filed with NHTSA, Chrysler estimated that 30 percent of the vehicles covered by the recall may need to have the pedal assembly replaced.

Chrysler dealers will inspect the recalled vehicles and replace affected pedals with a new pedal unit at no charge to customers.

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