General Hospital's Super-Couple: Robin and Stone


Back in the 90's, "Robin" and "Stone" were a groundbreaking couple who both contracted HIV (one of the first times TV explored AIDS with heterosexual couples.) "Stone" eventually died of the disease and "Robin" continues to live a full life today with the virus (a doctor, wife and mother.) A tragedy where "Robin's" life is in peril causes her to hallucinate and see "Stone" (even though, yes, he really is dead) on Sept. 28 and Sept. 29. This marks the first time the original actor has returned to the role since "Stone" died in 1995.

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Robin Scorpio on the ABC Television Network's "General Hospital"

Kimberly McCullough rejoined the cast of "General Hospital" in October 2005, when the character of Robin Scorpio - now a doctor- returned to Port Charles because she was urgently needed at home. Upon her arrival, she found herself crossing paths with friends and family from her past, including her father, Robert, and now has an on again-off again relationship with one of her colleagues, Dr. Patrick Drake.

Singer, dancer, actress and now director Kimberly McCullough has been in the spotlight since the age of seven months. Born in Bellflower, California, she made her first appearance in a diaper commercial opposite Juliet Mills. As a dancer, she performed on television in "Fame," "Solid Gold" and "The People's Choice Awards." Her first feature film role came in the movie "Electric Boogaloo: Breakin' 2," and she has gone on to star in other films, including "Bugsy" and "Consenting Adults," where she played daughters to both Warren Beatty and Kevin Kline, respectively. As a singer, she has various recordings as a backup voice in commercials and on Martika's 1980s hit, "Toy Soldiers."

McCullough originally joined the cast of "General Hospital" at the age of seven as the daughter of Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane. During her years on the show, the character of Robin fell in love with street kid Michael "Stone" Cates. The sweet, teen romance was hit by tragedy when both characters were diagnosed HIV-positive. Stone later died from AIDS.

McCullough has won two Emmy Awards for her performance. In 1997 she left the show to pursue other interests, including a stint as a student at New York University. In addition, she has portrayed the role of Dr. Scorpio on the highly-successful primetime spin-off, "General Hospital: Night Shift" on SOAPnet.

McCullough lives in the Los Angeles area, and loves to dance, take class regularly and is learning how to surf.


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In addition, as an actor, Sutton has starred in over ten films, and received an Emmy nomination in 1995 in the supporting actor category for portraying the role of "Stone Cates" on ABC's General Hospital.

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