Fall Brews

September 25, 2010 Becky Nischik, marketing manager for Town and Country Distributors based in Itasca, visits ABC7 to talk about some seasonal beers made to enjoy right now.

Abita Pecan Harvest Ale

ABV%: 5.0%
BREWERY & ORIGIN: Abita Brewing Company, Louisiana

Pecan Harvest Ale is made with real Louisiana pecans that have been toasted to perfection. That makes it something really special, because most beers with a nutty flavor or aroma aren't made with real nuts. The natural oils from the Louisiana pecans give the ale a light pecan finish and aroma.

Blue Moon Harvest Moon

ABV%: 5.6%
STYLE: Belgian Wheat
BREWERY & ORIGIN: Blue Moon Brewing Co. Golden, CO
COLOR: Amber Brown
Available in Kegs: Yes

In the great tradition of fall seasonals, this rich amber ale is hand crafted with all of the flavors of the season-vine-ripened pumpkin, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice. It's the perfect complement to your harvest celebration.

Leinenkugel Oktoberfest

ABV%: 5.1%
STYLE: Lager
BREWERY & ORIGIN: Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. / Chippewa Falls, WI
COLOR: Ruby Brown
Available in Kegs: Yes

Traditional Marzen-style bier is brewed with Munich, Caramel, and a blend of Pale malts. Hallertan, Tettnang, Perle, and cluster hops provide the aroma for this well-balanced, smooth, festive lager.

New Belgium Hoptober

ABV%: 6.0%
BREWERY & ORIGIN: New Belgium Brewing, Ft. Collins, CO
COLOR: Golden

Five hops and four malts make Hoptober Golden Ale a veritable cornucopia of the earth. Pale and wheat malt are mashed with rye and oats to create a medium-bodied ale with a creamy mouth feel. Centennial, Cascade, Sterling, Willamette and glacier hops form a bonfire of citrus notes, fruity cheers and a bold finale.

Crispin Honey Crisp ABV%: 6.5%
STYLE: Artisanal style cloudy hard cider
BREWERY & ORIGIN: Fox Barrel Brewery, Colfax, CA
COLOR: Cloudy Golden

Crispin Honey Crisp's earthy, fruity bouquet has an authentic cidery aroma, crisp apple notes, softened with hints of honey echoing the orchard.

Magic Hat Night of the Living Dead

BREWERY & ORIGIN: Magic Hat Brewery

A macabre medley of monstrous mixtures in a box that goes bump in the night! VARIETY PACK INCLUDES: #9, H.I.P.A., Hex, Odd Notion- Green Apple Wit.

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