7 in the City: Reality Baseball Simulator

May 27, 2011 (HOMER GLEN, Ill.)

It's a fun and exciting segment hands-on experience to give insight into how major leaguer players train -- and puts them the batters box themselves. The ultra sophisticated ProBatter pitching simulator combines the latest computer and video technology to recreate the experience of facing live pitching in a closed environment. The experience is startlingly real -- comparable to what an aircraft pilot experiences in a flight simulator. The Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, New York Mets and Pittsburgh Pirates all currently use the systems in their training regimen. This virtual reality-meets-reality simulator allows hitters to face the life-sized image of a pitcher on a video screen -- with an actual ball being delivered at speeds up to 100 mph. An endless variety of pitches is available; essentially anything a human being can throw, including curves, sliders, change-ups and slurves.

ProBatter website at: www.probatter.com
Pure Fitness can be found at www.mypurefit.com

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