Chicago Auto Show History

Chicago Auto Show in Coliseum on Feb. 1, 1950. (AP Photo)

January 23, 2013 1:22:42 PM PST
For just 50-cents, Chicago's ''top 20,000 families'' attended the 1901 Chicago Auto Show, which had a track for the ''horseless carriages.''

That was the first Chicago Auto Show, held at the Coliseum located between Wabash and Michigan Avenues and 15th and 16th Streets. Between 2,000 and 6,000 people attended. The Coliseum was home to the Chicago Auto Show until 1935, when it moved to the International Amphitheatre at 43rd and Halsted for more exhibit space.

In 1971, the Chicago Auto Show moved to the McCormick Place.

Over the years, The Chicago Auto Show displayed the likes of Studebaker, Fornier, Chevrolet and Ford. Many of the names are still there. While rich in history, the Chicago Auto Show continues to look to the future.

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