'The Art of Beef Cutting': Ribeye cap

June 5, 2012 (CHICAGO)

It's called the ribeye cap. The ribeye cap steak is the third most tender muscle and is loaded with flavor.

Kari Underly, meat educator and author of "The Art of Beef Cutting: A Professional's Guide to Butchering and Merchandising" shows how to cut and isolate the ribeye cap and ribeye filets from the whole ribeye. The knowledge shared in the book will help make anyone a grill master! Find her book at http://www.shop.theartofbeefcutting.com/

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Kari Underly is a James Beard nominated author of The Art of Beef Cutting. A third-generation butcher, Kari has been a leader in the re-emergence of the trade as well as a role-model for women in the in the meat processing industry. Her skills and insight have been showcased on NBC's "Today" show, Food Network's "Unwrapped," Martha Stewart Radio, iVillage, and Better Homes & Gardens.

She is also the founder of Range, Inc., a Chicago-based consultancy that develops new merchandising and market strategies for companies in the meat industry. Driven by Kari's dedication to creating consumer friendly products with correct portion sizes, great nutrition, and easy-to-master cook techniques, Range participated in the development of the Flat Iron Steak and Denver Cut for the beef industry.

Kari is a frequent contributor to the ongoing conversation about food sources. She shares her knowledge and passion for meat marketing, merchandising, and butchery techniques with audiences nation-wide. Her book, The Art of Beef Cutting is essential reading for retailers, food service operators, chefs, and culinary students, as well as club store shoppers and food enthusiasts. Learn more at www.rangepartners.com and follow her on Twitter: @kariunderly and on Facebook.

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