Chicago Oyster lovers shuck, slurp at The Savoy

October 10, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The Savoy is a new entry in the city's drive to procure and serve the finest oysters. Shaw's has a 25-year head start on the competition-- but The Savoy is doing its best to carve out a niche.

"You come into our place and the first thing you see is the raw bar; guys shucking oysters, slicing tuna and the oysters come from all over the world; we always have an East Coast and a West Coast variety," said Chef Brian Greene.

Depending on the day, there might be Hurricane Harbors from Prince Edward Island in Canada or the more popular Fanny Bays from British Columbia. Each region has its own type of characteristics, according to Greene.

"The west are typically creamier, sweeter, and the east tend to be more salty and briny," Greene said. "When you get 'em you definitely want to have the oyster liquor; you want a juicy oyster."

And while a squeeze of lemon is fine, be sure to take it easy on the vinegary mignonette or zesty cocktail sauce. You don't want to overwhelm the oysters' brininess.

After shucking and slurping, there is plenty of opportunity for imbibing. Absinthe plays a large role at the restaurant, which carries more than 40 different types. One can order absinthe a la turn-of-the-century France and get it in a glass topped with a sugar cube and a slow, watery drip. Or you can just have it in a cocktail made from a recipe in a nearly 100-year-old book.

The Savoy offers menu options other than oysters including halibut, salmon and tuna.

The Savoy
1408 N. Milwaukee Ave.
(773) 698-6925

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