Chiodo family mourns as search for body continues

October 21, 2012 (CALUMET CITY, Ill.)

Donol Clark, 42, made his first appearance in court Sunday, charged with first degree murder.

A week after her disappearance, Chiodo is now presumed dead and her live-in boyfriend, Clark, is behind bars, charged with her murder.

But Chiodo's family and friends don't have closure yet, and Sunday, the search for her remains continued.

"We were in Glenwood, Thornton, Cal City, Chicago, just trying to get some ideas," said Chiodo's friend, Patty Nasella. "Get into his mind, figuring where he would have put the body."

"Sitting around doing nothing doesn't work," said Donna Wuchter. "At least we're out there. Maybe we're not even looking in the right place, maybe we are, we don't know, but it helps."

Even as the search took place, Clark appeared in court for the first time. A Cook County judge denied him bail.

"We are disappointed with the judge's decision, but we respect the judge's decision," said defense attorney Michael O'Meara. "We are in the early stages of these proceedings and at this point we just have to let the legal process take its course.">

Clark has been previously convicted of two armed robberies and residential burglary. He also has a 2011 domestic battery conviction for punching a former girlfriend in the face.

In court, prosecutors described how this past Wednesday police gained access to the couple's Calumet City home, only to find blood spatter in several rooms of the house, and on a pair of Clark's shoes.

Prosecutors allege that following his arrest, Clark told his brother in a phone conversation that he woke up with Chiodo in his arms, covered in blood.

They went on to state that Clark talked about telling police where to find the body in exchange for a deal.

After court a spokesperson for Chiodo's family told reporters, "We wish the Clark family will show mercy on us and let us know where Gena is so we can put her to rest."

Meanwhile, police said they don't have anything new in their search for Chiodo's remains either.

As for Clark, he's due back in court Tuesday.

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