Secede from US? 'We the People' gets 22 secession petitions

November 13, 2012 (BATON ROUGE, La.)

Less than 24 hours after President Obama won re-election, Louisiana was the first of 22 states to petition the government for secession -- again.

More than 13,000 have signed it.

By the map, it looks like nearly half the country apparently wants out. Or at least a small percentage in these 22 states, have signed petitions.

About 157,000 in 22 states have inked their names in a section of the website called "We the People."

It's an open forum for citizens or anyone with a valid email address to create petitions. But in order for the administration to issue an "official" response, 25,000 people must sign up.

Louisiana was the first on the list last Wednesday when "Michael E." from Slidell, La., started one to "peacefully grant the state of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own new government."

"I think it's ridiculous. Honestly, I really do. It's really dumb," said Alan Singleton.

"I think that's a little much, a little over the top," said Ciara Hazey.

But there are tens of thousands that apparently disagree; 16,000 and counting in Louisiana. And now up to 26,000 in Texas, more than needed to get some sort of "response" from the White House.

"This state never surprises me. It's actually kind of ridiculous. It's like we're living on the far side, or the Twilight Zone, who knows," said Brent Goudeau.

"I still feel like it's pretty unnecessary to want to, like, separate and make your own country away from the United States. We're a little small for that," Hazey said.

Not to mention what would they call it? And think of all the things about Louisiana the country would miss.

Some say the state could never survive without federal funding, and the only thing good to come from secession...

"LSU would be national champions every year. And the Saints would win the Super Bowl every year," said Goudeau.

The "We the People" petitions have a time limit of 30 days to gain 25,000 signatures.. then the White House would have to respond to the petition.

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