Eggnog Recipes

December 15, 2012

Amanda's tips:

  • Eggnog can have either a milk or cream base and is made with sugar and beaten eggs.

  • Freshly grated nutmeg gives eggnog a better flavor and is stronger than ground nutmeg.

  • When cooking eggnog, heat it to exactly 160 degrees. That's where the bacteria will get killed, but it won't cause the eggs to cook too much. Use a thermometer to monitor the heat. Stir continuously.

  • Eggnog can last weeks and even months if refrigerated.

  • Leftover eggnog can be used in place of milk in dishes such as rice pudding, hot cereal, pancake mix, muffins, French toast, coffee, tea, cheesecake and more.

  • Eggnog is very versatile and can work with a multitude of spirits including rum, tequila, whisky, sherry and bourbon. George Washington is said to have enjoyed eggnog and served it to visitors. His version included a mix of rum, rye whisky and sherry.

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