Eggnog Recipes

December 15, 2012 5:52:44 AM PST
The holidays are full of staple foods and drinks, and among them is eggnog. We brought an expert into our ABC7 studio to show us how you can make eggnog yourself. Amanda Puck, style expert and publicist for Milagro and Sailor Jerry, also showed us how to use eggnog in a wide range of recipes.

Amanda's tips:

  • Eggnog can have either a milk or cream base and is made with sugar and beaten eggs.

  • Freshly grated nutmeg gives eggnog a better flavor and is stronger than ground nutmeg.

  • When cooking eggnog, heat it to exactly 160 degrees. That's where the bacteria will get killed, but it won't cause the eggs to cook too much. Use a thermometer to monitor the heat. Stir continuously.

  • Eggnog can last weeks and even months if refrigerated.

  • Leftover eggnog can be used in place of milk in dishes such as rice pudding, hot cereal, pancake mix, muffins, French toast, coffee, tea, cheesecake and more.

  • Eggnog is very versatile and can work with a multitude of spirits including rum, tequila, whisky, sherry and bourbon. George Washington is said to have enjoyed eggnog and served it to visitors. His version included a mix of rum, rye whisky and sherry.