Dwarf mongoose pups born at Brookfield Zoo

December 26, 2012 (BROOKFIELD, Ill.)

They include three boys in one litter and four puppies whose genders are as yet unknown in the latter litter.

Zoo visitors can see the family in the Habitat Africa! The Savannah exhibit.

These are the first litters for the mom, Tavi, 3. The sire of the offspring is Gimbi, 13. The pairing of the two was based on a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Dwarf Mongoose Species Survival Plan.

Mongoose pups are born with their eyes closed; they open when they are about 13 days old.

In the wild, mongooses are found in the dry open savannahs, woodlands, and brush of Africa and use underground den sites in the roots of trees or termite mounds for shelter and to give birth.

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