Paralyzed man pleads for thieves to return his stolen van

December 26, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Michael Bledsoe is partially paralyzed but is able to drive. He cannot travel without his van, he said.

The 48-year old has difficulty walking and speaking and he relies on his van to get around, especially for doctors appointments.

Tuesday night Bledsoe returned home and parked it where he has for 20 years in a handicapped parking space right in front of his ground floor apartment.

"The door was locked and I had my keys on me," he said.

Bledsoe keeps his car keys on a chain around his waist. He was in his apartment for no more than five minutes when he looked out the window and saw his van was gone.

"There was no glass broken. They had to be sitting around waiting for him to get out of his car come in the house and drove off, it was just that quick," his sister Bobbie Bledsoe said.

Bledsoe's family said the thief must have used a 'slim jim' because all the doors to the van were locked. The vehicle is a 1995 green Dodge Caravan with Illinois handicapped plates "267-776".

The police were called but the Bledsoes said punishing the thief is not as important as getting the van back.

"Bring his car back, please he needs his car," Bobbie Bledsoe said.

"I want him to bring it back to me, I'll forgive him," Michael Bledsoe said.

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