Steve McMichael off of ESPN Radio show due to mayoral bid

January 3, 2013 (ROMEOVILLE, Ill.)

The incumbent, current mayor John Noak, sent a letter to the ESPN station demanding equal air-time under FCC rules.

ESPN said taking McMichael off the final Bears pre-game show was the appropriate thing to do.

"After he officially filed to run for mayor, we decided it would be appropriate for him not to appear on our air," an ESPN spokesperson said.

It was not prompted by the Romeoville mayor's request, they said.

McMichael said while the show is not a political show, he was happy to comply with the law and concentrate on his bid for mayor.

Steve "Mongo" McMichael's bid for mayor was inspired by his daughter. His life changed five years ago when his daughter Macy Dale was born and she is the reason why he is running for mayor, he said.

"You know what my mother tells me 'You never worked for a living so it's time to go to work'," McMichael said.

With his young daughter in mind, McMichael said ,if he is elected, his real job would begin with improving education. He plans to use his celebrity and the power of the office to get things accomplished.

"With the power of that chair you can do things, you know I've helped raise more money for charity that I played with Bears I know how to do that ," he said.

Mayor Noak was sick Thursday and unable to do an interview but another candidate was more than happy to weigh in. Former Romeoville Mayor Fred Dewald has no problem with McMichael getting radio airtime.

"I think the man earned the opportunity to be on the radio because of being a Super Bowl Champion or Pro-Bowler," Dewald said.

Dewald said he is counting on his record as a former mayor to get elected and is not worried about McMichael's celebrity.

"It's America. Anybody can run for office," he said.

Dewald served as Romeoville's mayor for 11 years before he resigned for health reasons in 2008. He said he wants to run again because he believes the village is being mismanaged.

The election is scheduled for April 9th.

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