Chicago doctor applauds wider access to Plan B

May 1, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Customers will only need to present proof of age in order to buy it.

Dr. Lauren Streicher of Northwestern Medicine applauds the decision and says she doubts teens will misuse it because the $50 price-tag is prohibitive.

"We know that teens who have access to emergency contraception are not more promiscuous," she said. "We know they are not using it more often. It's too expensive. They can't. This stuff is really, really expensive. "

The release of the morning-after pill comes in the middle of a legal and political fight over morning-after pills that's been going on for years.

Opponents say selling the pills over the counter could be dangerous for teenage girls.

Streicher says parents need to talk to their children

"Tell them that if they are going to have sex they need to not only protect against pregnancy but sexually transmitted diseases too. But also let them know that sometimes things don't go as they are supposed to, so give them that emergency back-up. And while you are at it, give them a copy of their birth certificate just in case."

The morning-after pill is not as the prescription drug RU 486 which is known as the abortion pill.

Plan B pills contains higher doses of hormones typically found in other forms of birth control and work by preventing egg fertilization.

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