Zachery Ty Bryan of 'Home Improvement' talks producing 'Dark Tourist'

LOS ANGELES "You get to be the painter, not the paintbrush. I get to find material that I want to make that I think is riveting and different and new and fresh, maybe beyond it's years a little bit," said Bryan.

"Dark Tourist" stars Michael Cudlitz as a troubled man who spends his vacations visiting the scenes of serial killer crimes, and it gets darker from there.

"We paint a lot of these tragedies, you know, shootings and terrorism, etc. We paint these people as monsters. But this kind of is an experimentation of how is a monster created," said Bryan.

Director Suri Krishnamma said the story takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster.

"I think you feel it in your stomach from a certain point on towards the end. And I think that's conscious and that's deliberate and something we intended," said Krishnamma.

Bryan spent three years making this movie happen. He and his former TV co-star, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who would now like to direct, have talked about working on a project together sometime.

"That would be something I would do in two seconds. Jonathan and I have a very special relationship and we've been through a lot together that a lot of people can't relate to. So it'll always be special. That will definitely be on my bucket list," said Bryan.

For now, though, it's all about "Dark Tourist." The unrated film, also starring Melanie Griffith, is in theaters this weekend.

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