Challenger, Gray & Christmas to provide free job-coaching services

December 26, 2013 (CHICAGO)

With shopping and the holidays winding down, the New Year will bring job-hunting opportunities.

"Many companies do a surge in hiring as they come back in January. You don't want to miss that action," said John Challenger, CEO, Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

That's why Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a Chicago company that helps people find jobs, is providing free advice this week to everyone who calls on Friday, Dec. 27.

"Put on your happy face, go in, sell yourself, because that's what you're doing: selling yourself," said Jim Ford, certified job coach.

To help out, they're answering questions about your resume and social media profile.

"You also need today to have a good social media profile, LinkedIn, Facebook, because companies today are looking at that online resume," said Challenger.

They will also answer questions about interviews and tough questions, and the Do's and Don'ts, like being disgruntled about a former employer.

"If they have a slight hint that they are a little bit disgruntled, you want to make sure you don't bring that into the interview process," said Ford.

Another important tip they have is to know what separates you from everyone else.

"Know you're audience, know exactly what they're looking for, know exactly what to give them. That will separate you from the competition," said Sterling Gunn, certified senior job coach.

The company says 10.9 million people are out of work right now, even though we're out of the recession. Nationwide, unemployment is 7 percent.

In Chicago, the number is even higher at 8.1 percent. But the certified job coaches say now is the time.

"Job search doesn't wait, companies are still hiring, whether it's the holiday season or first part of the year. They may not be hiring as much, but someone's always looking," said Gunn.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas
Friday, December 27th
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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