Dozens exposed to super bug bacteria; Advocate Lutheran General Hospital official believe linked to endoscopic procedure

January 9, 2014 6:54:52 PM PST
Officials at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge have notified dozens of patients who may have been exposed to a super bug bacterium.

The CRE bacterium is resistant to many antibiotics.

Hospital officials believe the super bug may be linked to patients who underwent a procedure called ERCP endoscopic, which looks at the bile ducts and the pancreas.

Two hundred forty-three patients had the procedure at Lutheran General between January and September of 2013. Thirty-eight tested positive for the super bug. Ten were treated and released while the other twenty-eight are considered carriers with no symptoms.

"Now we feel, and the CDC agrees that there's no risk of exposure to our patients at this time."

Six other cases separate from Lutheran General have been found in Illinois.