Future Galerie showcases Chicago artists with online art auction for charity

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago artists and curators have formed a new online art auction and sweepstakes platform called Future Galerie, and it's been launched with a series of "auctions for social justice."

During the Black Lives Matter protests over the past two months, creative director Alaiia Gujral saw an opportunity to showcase local artists while working towards the social justice causes.

"This is a perfect opportunity to use our network and use our resources as individuals to really help and support these social justice organizations that are on the frontline of today's issues," Gujral said.

Co-curator and multimedia artist Lonnie Edwards said that this auction is an opportunity to highlight the artistic inspiration that came out of the recent national protests.

"A lot of people right now are feeling all of these things emotionally, and they're trying to find outlets to get it out," Edwards said. "For me, and I think for a lot of people, art is the best way for that to happen."

Muralist Max Sansing will send his donations to My Block My Hood My City.

"Now that I'm able to create something that's actually practical as opposed to a luxury thing that people enjoy, I'm all in for it," Sansing said.

Visit Future Galerie's website to bid on artwork and participate in the ongoing sweepstakes.
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