Aurora shooting 911 calls released: 'Do not give him a target. Nobody moves'

AURORA, Ill. (WLS) -- Workers are back on the job Monday at the Henry Pratt Company in southwest suburban Aurora, 10 days after five people were killed in mass shooting there.

The Aurora Police Department released the 911 calls from the seconds after the shooting.

911 dispatcher: "If you hear anything or see anything, I want you to tell me, OK?"
Caller: "OK, I'm hiding in a completely separate room now. I can't even see anything or hear anything. I'm not taking any chances here."

911 dispatcher: "Can you hear anything?"
Caller: "No."

911 dispatcher: "I have officers there." Pause. "No, it is not secure. This guy is not in custody. Nobody moves any further, OK?"

Caller: "OK."
911 dispatcher: "Do not give him a target. Nobody moves."

The department said it released the audio to be transparent and honor the first responders who helped save lives.

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Gary Montez Martin died in a firefight with police last Friday, after shooting company officials during a termination meeting.

Six Aurora police officers were hurt while responding to the shooting. They're all doing okay.

"I'm very proud of our officers. We were following our training. We learned from other mass shootings that you can't sit outside and wait for the gunman to come out. By then it's too late," said Sgt. Bill Rowley, spokesman for the Aurora police.

The department released the officers' names and photos in Facebook post on Monday: Adam Miller, Marco Gomez, John Cebulski, James Zegar, Reynaldo Rivera and Diego Avila.

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