'Midway' depicts historic battle that changed the course of World War II in the Pacific

"Midway" is a new movie opening Thursday that tells the story of a relentless battle that changed the course of World War II in the Pacific.

Several of the stars were just in Chicago, and talked about playing the courageous warriors.

These men are heroes but they're also representative of the greatest generation, and there were so many like them," actor Ed Skrein said.

The Battle of Midway in 1942 happened just six months after Pearl Harbor and lasted four days. The film depicts the bravery of the men who wouldn't give up until victory.

"The planes were not vintage. The planes were specifically made for the set," Skrein said, "they were made of surfboard material actually. I actually broke a couple of the wings."

"They were like cardboard, like paper mache," actor Luke Kleintank said.

"They were saying, 'you can't jump on them like that' and I said, 'listen, if it was a plane I'd jump on them like that,'" Skrein added.

When asked what the stars knew about the battle that took place nearly seven decades ago, they both agreed it was an educational opportunity.

"We get to blur the line between art and education and that's a really special thing for the younger generation," Skrein said.

"Not many people know about the battle, especially young generation doesn't know about the battle, that's why I hope they see this movie," Kleintank said.
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