Ohio officer after fake gun scare: 'You should be sorry and you should be scared'

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An Ohio police officer's body camera recorded some intense moments while he confronted two boys after getting a call about them having a gun.

It could have been a deadly encounter, one that officers can find themselves in at any moment.

The boys, ages 11 and 13, appeared to have a real gun when Officer Peter Casuccio arrived on the scene in Columbus. It turned out to be a BB gun.

Officer Casuccio: "Do you know why you should be (bleeped out) scared? This is getting kids killed all over the country. That thing looks real bro."

Boy: "I'm so sorry."

Officer Casuccio: "You should be sorry and you should be scared."

The officer said he was out patrolling on Saturday when a call came in about some boys waving a gun around. When he found them, he drew his service weapon.

He said all he had was an instant to react.

"It's really what it is. It's a millisecond. I saw the gun leaving his hand out the corner of my eye. Then I saw it burst into a million pieces on the sidewalk. That's when I realized it was a BB gun," Casuccio said.

With body camera rolling, Officer Casuccio kept talking.

"Do you think I want to shoot an 11-year-old? Do you think I want to shoot a 13-year-old? I could have killed you," he said to the boys. "I want you think about that tonight when you go to bed. You could be gone."

Casuccio said he has talked with the boys and their parents, hoping to teach them a life lesson.