Get Beautiful for the Holidays! Groupon's PrettyQuick app

CHICAGO -- We've all needed to needed to book hair, nail and massage appointments, especially during this busy holiday season. Of course, the question always is, "Where do I go?" But then, you're stuck picking up the phone or walking in to reserve an appointment.

What if you had hundreds of highly-rated salons with instant booking right at your fingertips? There's an app for that.

Coco Meers, the founder of PrettyQuick, joined Windy City LIVE to explain how it works: "We are the easiest and most rewarding way to book beauty, created by women for women to have an easier way to take care of themselves. We're based right here in Chicago, and we're a brand of parent company, Groupon."

In addition to easy scheduling, PrettyQuick also rewards its members through cashless payment, same-day discounts, and ... coming in 2016, subscriptions to unlimited beauty services!

Enjoy $20 on us!! Download PrettyQuick or visit to get your credit today.