Bill Clinton addresses affair with Monica Lewinsky in new Hulu documentary 'Hillary'

Bill Clinton is voicing his regrets over the Monica Lewinsky scandal as part of a Hulu documentary about his wife and former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In the new documentary, titled "Hillary," the former president partially blamed the pressure of his life in politics for the infamous affair with the young White House intern.

"What I did, it was bad, but it wasn't like I thought, 'Let's see. How can I think of the most stupid thing I can possibly do and do it.' it's not a defense, it's an explanation. it was awful," he said

He also noted that he feels terrible about how the scandal defined Lewinsky's life. The scandal threw a 22-year-old Lewinsky into a media-fueled public shaming.

"Hillary," which debuted Friday, also details how the president told the first lady about the affair after he initially lied about it to his family and the country.

His 1998 press conference claiming he did "not have sexual relations" with Lewinsky had since become one of the most infamous scandals in presidential history.

"I went and sat on the bed to talk to (Hillary)," he said. "I told her exactly what happened, when it happened. I said, 'I feel terrible about it.' I said, 'You know, we've been through quite a bit in the last few years,' I said, 'I have no defenses. It's inexcusable what I did.'"

In the documentary, Hillary Clinton said she was personally hurt and admitted she didn't speak to her husband for weeks after he admitted the affair. She also said he needed to tell their daughter, Chelsea, before announcing it publicly.

"I didn't want anything to do with him. He spent a lot of time playing golf and talking to his friends," Hillary Clinton said.

The couple decided to stay together and seek counseling.

"I made a decision to stay with my husband. Look I think that some people thought I made the right decision, some people thought I made the wrong decision," Hillary Clinton said.

"I was so grateful that she thought we had enough to stick it out," Bill Clinton added. "God knows she paid enough for that."
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