Bishop Daniel Conlon takes temporary medical leave from Diocese of Joliet

Friday, December 27, 2019
Bishop Daniel Conlon takes temporary medical leave from Diocese of Joliet
Bishop Daniel Conlon, the leader of the Diocese of Joliet, is taking medical leave, but he expects to return in a few months.

CREST HILL, Ill. (WLS) -- The leader of the Diocese of Joliet is taking some time off for his health.

The diocese is keeping Bishop Daniel Conlon's health issue private, but they said he expects to return to the job in a few months.

Bishop Richard Pates is taking over during Conlon's medical leave. Pates served in the Diocese of Des Moines for years before retiring in October.

He said Conlon made the right decision to take medical leave.

"I really applaud him because it is hard to separate yourself when you made a lot of time commitment," Pates said.

Pates was back home in Minnesota when he got the call last week asking him to serve as Apostolic Administrator.

He's spending his first day in his new role getting to know everyone.

Pates said the work of the diocese will go on as usual.

"I think the parishioners should know I am here for their benefit and service," Pates said.

Conlon has been leading the diocese since 2011.

While Conlon is away, he said he's going to be praying for the leaders of the diocese and he's also asking for their prayers.

"I hope that everyone responds to that positively because we will need prayers as he addresses that issue and I want to pray for all the people here and certainly my prayers are with Bishop Conlon," Pates said.