Will Hulu's 'Black Cake' finale address show's biggest secret?

Mia Isaac, who plays Covey, says there's one big question that remains

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Monday, December 4, 2023
Will Hulu's 'Black Cake' finale address show's biggest secret?
Secrets revealed! Hulu's 'Black Cake' has one more big reveal for the season finale.

LOS ANGELES -- "Black Cake" has served up mystery after mystery in its first seven episodes. And as we approach the season finale, there's still one big secret that's left to reveal.

"Everybody has their own questions about the show. I think there are a lot of unanswered questions," Mia Isaac, who plays Covey, told On The Red Carpet. "One of the big ones being, who did the murder! I think that's what everyone is wondering. Hopefully you'll find that out by the end of this season, but I can't say too much."

While she won't spoil the series ending, Isaac did talk about playing the pivotal role of Covey.

"From the moment I got the first audition, the idea of even getting the role was daunting," Isaac revealed. "And then once I'd gotten the role, I realized I had a show that I was going to be the lead of and I've never done that before so that was a new experience for me. I booked the role when I was 17 years old and I couldn't believe that I was gonna have so much to carry."

Indeed, the character of Covey goes through so much in her teenage life. She's forced into an arranged marriage to ease her family's debt, is accused of murdering said husband, lived a life in hiding, was sexually assaulted, had a baby as a result of that assault and hid her secrets for decades.

"Covey has to endure a lot and she experienced some things that I've been so lucky that I haven't even had to think about in my life," Isaac explains. "She's failed by her parents and she's failed by all the adults that surround her as a kid. And she has to grow up really quickly."

Isaac said her favorite thing about Covey is her fighting spirit.

"What I love about Covey is that she is so resilient. And she doesn't lose sight of who she is. And at the end of her life, we see this woman but we can see Covey in this woman. And she's remained the same throughout her life, the fire inside her never dies," she said.

The full first season of "Black Cake" is streaming on Hulu with the season finale streaming Wednesday, December 6th.

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