108-year-old Chicago woman and sister, 95, get Pfizer booster shots

Friday, October 1, 2021
Chicago woman, 108, and sister, 95, get Pfizer booster shots
"It's the best thing. I hope everybody gets," 108-year-old Chicago woman Dolores Quiro said about the Pfizer vaccine.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- At 108 years old, Chicagoan Dolores Quiroz is ready, even eager, to get her Pfizer booster shot along with her younger sister, who happens to be 95 years old.

"Everything okay. Thank God," declared Quiroz, minutes before a mobile vaccine team arrived at her front door in Chicago's Tri-Taylor neighborhood.

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Her sister Socorro Vázquez, 95, is also eligible to get the booster shot. So far, both women have stayed healthy and strong, even during the pandemic.

"God has been watching her. She hasn't got sick at all. We've been watching her," said Maria Perez, Vazquez's daughter.

A mobile vaccination team from Alivio Medical Center is making them home visits possible for their patients. Although the team usually consists of two paramedics, a nurse and Alivio's CEO Esther Corpuz are also part of the visit.

"We are going out to homes, to individuals who have issues, transportation or just getting around," Corpuz said, adding that the mobile teams "are out every single day, giving vaccines to those individuals who may find it difficult."

The paramedics administered the shots to both sisters, explaining the side effects as well.

"It's the best thing. I hope everybody gets," Quiroz said about the vaccine.

Juan Aguirre of Alivio Medical Center added: "It's pretty important we get those people who are high risk for contracting the disease, especially with the Delta variant going around."

The two sisters are not alone. Although they are surrounded by children and grandchildren, they also have another sister. Josefina Hernandez is 102 years old, and a COVID-19 survivor.

So what's the secret to their long lives?

"She has no idea, she has no clue. She knows it's because our God Lord has kept her with us all these years," said Magda Anaya, Hernandez's granddaughter.

The sisters talked about faith and family. In fact, relatives gathered for their first family gathering earlier this month to celebrate Hernandez's 102nd birthday.

"The beauty of it is all family. You get to see the different generations. There's four generations," Anaya said, her mother by her side.

While it's family, faith, even great food, Quiroz giggled when she mentioned a sip of alcohol too.

Her drink of choice? "Tequila, once!" she laughed.

She giggled when she mentioned the drink, but does have a message about how people treat each other, she said it's best to have "peace."

"It's the best thing," Quiroz said, "to love each other."