Bromance blooms on 'The Bachelorette' as Kaitlyn tries to make her own connections

ByJennifer Matarese WLS logo
Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NEW YORK -- This week picked up right where last week's left off, with Kupah ranting in the driveway of "Bachelor Mansion". The guys quickly realized that there was a situation going on and Kaitlyn was horrified. She headed outside and Kupah was embarrassed that she heard him. Kaitlyn told him that nothing was going to change and he should just accept it. He apologized and walked off shaking his head. Then he started joking that "I think you have chlamydia," was what Kaitlyn thought of him. She walked back inside to finish her on camera interview. Kupah kept his drink and got into the back of a waiting SUV. Kaitlyn started crying because first she was mad and then disappointed and sad. She said that when people walk out insulting her it just kills her.

She gathered the guys up and told them that she sent Kupah home because every conversation they had just didn't go in the right direction. She said she was having a hard time with the whole situation because it wasn't going how she thought it would. She added that if anyone there isn't comfortable with how things are going to please speak up. Then, Kaitlyn headed off with Chris Harrison to get ready for the rose ceremony.

Kaitlyn handed out roses to Jared, Ben H., Shawn, Jonathan, Tanner, Chris (she laughed that he was so smiley), Ryan, Justin, Ian, Joshua, Joe, Corey, and Tony. Yay, strange Tony will live another week. Sorry bud, you're not getting back to your bonsai trees just yet. Daniel and Cory were eliminated.

The next thing you know, two giant sumo wrestlers walk into the mansion and ring a gong and start screaming to wake the guys up. The world champion of Japanese sumo wrestling and the heaviest Japanese man at 600 pounds were there to teach the guys how to sumo wrestle. The guys chosen for the group date had to wear the traditional attire. Kaitlyn cheered as the guys revealed their sumo diaper-thong looks, butts and all. JJ says all of the guys have great butts except for Tony. Poor Tony.

They learned how to do the stomp and leg lift. Kaitlyn said she was seeing "junk" everywhere. Apparently, Joe's little outfit shifted and Kaitlyn said she saw everything that he had to offer. Ben Z. says while football may have given him an advantage on that date, he's glad he wasn't on it because he didn't want to wear the diaper. Joe, Tony, Shawn, Chris, Clint, and JJ were on this date. It was great seeing the guys have fun go up against these sumo wrestlers. It's better than having them fight each other and probably less dangerous. Tony gave it a good solid shot, but he was upset about the experience. Kaitlyn tried to talk to him and he walked away at first. Tony then told her that he views the world through the eyes of a child but the heart of a warrior and he didn't understand why all of the activities revolved around aggression. She said she just wanted them to all have fun. Tony said that he would rather take a boat ride or go skydiving. Then JJ walks over and tells Tony to stop upsetting Kaitlyn and Tony got very upset. The other guys pulled JJ away and told him to let Tony self-destruct.

The other guys all told Kaitlyn not to feel bad. She said she really offended Tony and he really offended her. Kaitlyn (in front of Ian) told Tony that she knows he's there for the right reasons. Ian told him that the way he's demonstrating that he doesn't want to go back to his primal instincts isn't working either. He was just talking a bunch of nonsense about how he wants her to see him as the man that he wants to be and the man that he is. She hugged him and said you are free to sit out whenever you want. She said it was just supposed to be a fun thing, and she had to get back to the other guys. He's got to be gone after this right?

She set up an exhibition in front of people and the other guys said they wanted to do it, but who knows if Tony will show up. Kaitlyn started the event off and said she was really scared but she did a great job! The sumo wrestler spun her around and let her push him out of the ring! She wore the diaper but still had on a tank top and shorts. Then the guys sumo wrestled each other. I'm with Tony; I'm kind of over the guys going up against each other in the physical competitions. Someone almost always gets hurt.

Back at the house Tony packed his bags and talked himself out of the competition. He decided it was time for him to leave the show. He said he wanted to leave on his terms. He said he would love the chance to explain himself so the crew took him to the hotel where Kaitlyn was and he was waiting there for her. He told her that he couldn't be a part of the "circus" anymore and that if she wanted to really get to know him he knows how to find her. So, he wished her luck and she said it was for the best. Darn, no more crazy Tony.

On the date with the rest of the group date guys, Kaitlyn spent some time kissing Chris while JJ and Clint decided what to do. JJ said he was going to approach her while Clint said he was going to hang back and wait for her to approach him. She also seemed to have a great time talking with Shawn and kissed him too. Kaitlyn said that every time she kisses him it feels right and passionate and reinforced their connection. She decided to walk away and get the date rose. She didn't even try to talk to Clint yet and that frustrated him. Nonetheless, Shawn accepted the rose! Kaitlyn said to Clint in front of everyone and said that she didn't know what happened to him but he ignored her all night. Clint said that he's starting to think that Kaitlyn isn't the right girl for him, but he's having fun hanging out with JJ. Um, ok!

Ben Z. and Kaitlyn got a date card that said "Be ready for anything" from Chris Harrison. They both got into a car and went off for their date together. Ben Z. is ridiculously handsome! Chris Harrison was waiting for them inside a warehouse box and he told them that they were going to be locked in "The Basement" and they had to figure out the clues to get the code to unlock the door. Fun!

As soon as they opened the door a pigeon flew out at them, terrifying Kaitlyn! It's just a pigeon! Turns out she would rather be in a pit of snakes than near a bunch of birds, she's got an actual phobia. There was a note at the bottom of the screen that all of the animals and insects inside are not normally part of the experience and were added for the show. So they went in and it was pretty scary inside! There was blood on the walls and limbs hanging from the ceiling and someone was in the bed! So crazy creepy!

They found a brick that had a picture of Britt's face, then the number 41. There was a scorpion inside a drawer which was gross, and maggots inside of the floor. I could hardly watch this; the lighting was hurting my eyes! Ben was pretty good at finding the clues and figuring stuff out. Inside the bathroom of that room were a bunch of snakes! Ben doesn't like snakes and he reached in the disgusting toilet and got the last clue. They punched in the code right in the nick of time!

Kaitlyn and Ben shared some wine and talked about their fears. Ben said that he would hold a snake to him if he could for her but she wasn't buying it and joked about it in an interview segment. It was pretty funny! But things got serious when Ben talked about his mother's death and how he hasn't cried since the day she died. He says he realizes that it isn't healthy, but he thinks he will again and will show emotion again.

The last group date card came and it was for Jonathan, Ben H. Joshua, Ryan, Jared, and Tanner and said, "Let's learn to love."

After that emotional conversation, Kaitlyn and Ben Z. retired to the hot tub to have some campaign and do some making out. She went and got the rose and gave it to him and he happily accepted the rose. He had nothing to pin it to because he was inside the hot tub ha-ha!

On the next group date, the guys showed up to an elementary school and they all learned they were going to be substitute teachers for a sex Ed class. They got a box of props like tampons and a uterus. Oh my gosh these kids are going to be scarred for life! They had to talk about puberty. Joshua said that everything he learned he learned by watching the cows on the farm. Oh my goodness.

The bromance between Clint and JJ continued to grow. They were like two peas in a pod and are now ALWAYS together. It's really too funny! "They have a little pep in their step when they are together" and they describe themselves as "perfect together" said Justin who unfortunately for him, seemed to be stuck around them in the house a lot.

Inside the classroom, there were some sweet little faces waiting for the guys who were sweating bullets. Ryan talked about the female anatomy and he showed of the vagina about a million times. The only other part he really knew was the butt. One of the kids asked what the "clitoris" was and the way he described it was probably a little inappropriate for their age level. One little girl asked what the four bases were, another one asked how many positions there were for having sex. They asked some really hilarious stuff! Turns out the kids are all child actors that were told to ask those really uncomfortable questions. Poor Joshua had to tell the girls about how they were going to get their period. They were very grossed out. Ben H. however talked about how you should love someone first and then how the physical part comes in. He really knew how to talk to the kids and even used Kaitlyn as a prop and talked about their relationship. He totally scored points with her.

Later on, Kaitlyn tried to spur on Joshua to kiss her, but he seemed a little gun shy. Ben H. meantime, really started to impress Kaitlyn. He told her about how he worked with kids at a non-profit and he also works with kids in Honduras with his friend. He said he's beginning to feel like Kaitlyn is his girlfriend and they did some passionate kissing up on the rooftop! He even dipped her!

Back at the house, the JJ and Clint love story continued. This time, they were hanging out in the hot tub and talking about their love for turtles. Then, Clint played his guitar for JJ. It's getting a little strange! Clint says that they are almost too close at times in the room and in the shower and Clint said that he was falling in love with JJ. There's no way right? I mean anything is possible!

Kaitlyn said that she thought Jared's black eye was hot and now that it's going away she wants to punch him again. He got the black eye during the boxing date if you remember! They had a nice time chatting and kissing and reinforced that connection that they had made on their last date, but will it be enough to surpass Ben H.?

Kaitlyn said that there was just one rose so she decided to give it to Ben H. because of how great he did with the kids and that in the evening, he blew her away. Poor Jared was very bummed but he's hanging in there. He said he's just going to keep trying to build the relationship and that's all he can do.

It was time for the next cocktail party. Clint right away pulled Kaitlyn aside and made some jokes about why he was acting the way he was acting and apologized. He said that he felt like it was all real but then he shut down. Kaitlyn was reassured about his feelings and said that he seemed genuine. Little does she know he just wants to stay and hang out with JJ. He said that he was wearing his power socks and he felt like he "had the power and had to abuse it." Clint also says that he now loves JJ.

As Clint and JJ were stroking each other egos they saw Kaitlyn kissing Justin. They just made some jokes about it, but obviously they don't care about her. Jared tried to warn her about people who weren't there for the right reasons, but he didn't name names. But, Joshua did! He called them both out to Kaitlyn! Yay! Go Kaitlyn! She completely believed him and said she had heard similar things about Clint from others too. She stormed off to find Clint because she said he's not someone that she wants to marry. But before we could see it, the episode ended.

The preview showed the guys calling Clint despicable and JJ being very upset. It also showed that Nick Viall is going to be arriving! At last!