Camel sticks head through car window to get snack in Dubai

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Camel sticks head through car window to get snack
A man had a close encounter with a camel that was hungry for a snack.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- A man in Dubai had an extremely close encounter with a hungry camel.

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The man was recording a video in his car when two camels approached his car. They appear calm at first, then one of the camels stuck its head inside, demanding a loaf of bread.

"Good morning, good evening, good afternoo-oo-oon," Ahmad Salayem can be heard saying to the camera as the camels muscle their way to the food. Eventually, the camel prevailed and Salayem gives up the loaf of bread.

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It appears the camels eventually walked away without making any more demands.

The man wasn't hurt.