9 injured after horse-drawn carriage flips at Fox River Resort in LaSalle County.

Nine people were injured after a horse drawn carriage flipped over at the Fox River Resort in LaSalle County.

Firefighters couldn't provide many details, but witnesses say it appeared something may have spooked the horses.

A father and daughter rushed to help the injured.

"We saw that there were people trapped underneath and we lifted it up. Michelle was able to crawl out and the other lady...but they had to pull out the rest of the people," said witness Alyssa Bush.

In a statement, the owner, Orange Lake Resorts, "The safety of our guests is our top priority. Our thoughts are with the nine guests that were injured today in the carriage accident this afternoon. Our initial investigation indicates that a guest may have startled one of the horses, causing the horse to run the attached carriage into an object."
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