Dads stack cereal on babies in #CheeriosChallenge meme

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016
VIDEO: Cheerio Challenge goes viral
Thanks to competitive dads across the country, the Cheerio Challenge is now quietly sweeping the internet.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A new internet craze called the #CheeriosChallenge has dads across the globe stacking cereal on their babies' faces, ABC News reports.

The viral sensation is the brainchild of Patrick Quinn, co-founder of the "Life of Dad" social network.

"I put one onto Max's nose and thought it looked funny, so I went for two and then three," Quinn told ABC News.

He shared a photo of his baby with Cheerios stacked on the tip of his nose on June 16, and challenged other dads to do the same in the photo's caption. Soon dads everywhere were sharing their attempts, Quinn said.

Even some celebrity dads got in on the craze, including Macklemore who posted his attempt on Instagram.

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