Chicago flight cancellations ripple through Midwest

CHICAGO -- The problems at O'Hare and Midway triggered a domino effect at other Midwest airports.

In Milwaukee at Mitchell's International Airport, dozens of flights were canceled and lines at the ticket counters were very long

In Minneapolis, the scene of despair was duplicated as travelers stuck at the airport for hours waited in slow moving lines, phones in hand on hold with customer service with hopes of reaching their destinations.

"I've been here since six this morning and it was a six minute hold, too," says traveler Ashley Steele. "I was like fine I'll get on the later flight but now it's canceled and I'm on a 60 minute hold time."

At the Indianapolis International Airport, special accommodations were made for delayed and stranded passengers. Local travelers were moved to the front of the line so they could begin their journey.

In Louisville, many passengers were told their flights to Chicago were canceled. Since then, they have been trying to take alternate routes.

"I've got three kids and a wife at home and I want to fly back and see them," said passenger Aaron Moore. "I fly back to Chicago tomorrow, who knows if I'll ever get home

Southwest Airlines canceled all its flights out of Milwaukee today.

Most passengers say they will be back at their airports in the morning and if flights aren't back on schedule, they'll consider options like driving, taking the train, or bus.