Abbey Farms in Aurora lets you cut down your own Christmas tree, all on 1 tank of gas

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Cut down your own Christmas tree at Aurora's Abbey Farms
Christmas trees are plentiful at Abbey Farms in Aurora, where you can cut down your own tree.

AURORA, Ill. (WLS) -- If you're still having trouble finding a Christmas tree due to the shortage, Roz Varon has a solution in her latest One Tank Trip.

It's a nearby farm in west suburban Aurora where you can cut down your own tree!

Abbey Farms is one of the largest and oldest choose and cut Christmas Tree Farms in the area. This close to Christmas, they still have plenty of trees that are seven feet and under and it's very easy to cut down your own!

"We are a non-profit farm that was originally purchased by the Monastery of Marmion Abbey back in the 1930s," said Adam Voirin, chief operating officer at Abbey Farms. "We became a tree farm shortly thereafter when one of the monks thought it would be a good idea to start planting and selling Christmas. Trees to help offset their operating expenses."

Voirin said the tree farm operation is between 90 and 100 acres, which means there is between 90,000 to 100,000 Christrmas trees growing at any one time.

"We here can grow Scotch Pine, White Pine and also Norway Spruce," he said. "We try to make it as easy as possible, when you show up we'll give you everything you'll need, we have a map of the grounds, what fields are open. We'll give you the saw and the map to head out."

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"Once you pick a tree, cut about that much off the ground, keep it as straight as possible, use the saw to do some long slow strokes and then cut it down!" said Connor Rowan, operations manager at Abbey Farms.

"The secret is really to have enough room to work, so if you want to put it right about there, that give you a little bit of room, you're not fighting too many branches and you can just start there, yep, and just saw back and forth," Rowan said. "Almost there, there it goes! Timber!

Once you've cut down your tree, you load it up, drive it back and the Abbey Farm team will shake it, bale it, and help tie it to your car!

"My parents started coming here 43 years ago and I came here every year of my life and now I take my kids with too!" said Abbey Farms customer Adrienne Leach.

If you're still unsure about cutting down your own tree, they have some pre-cut trees from one of the monk's family farm in Michigan!

"Once you've gone out on your hunt, you can come in, we have a brand new cafe, the Monks actually make Monk Beer and Monk Wine which you can either sample here or buy some to take home!" Voirin said.

Either way, it's all about making memories and holiday traditions!

Admission to Abbey Farms is free, but you need to make a timed reservation online to keep things spaced out. Here's another feel-good you'll get free hot chocolate and one of their award-winning apple cider donuts with each tree purchase! So much family fun!

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