Ask CTA program to hear from riders at Chicago rail stations, bus depots

ByDiane Pathieu and ABC7 Chicago Digital Team WLS logo
Tuesday, August 30, 2022
CTA riders sound off as transit agency launches feedback program
CTA officials are hitting the pavement,looking for tips from customers on how to improve the transit service.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The CTA will start making managers available at rail stations and bus transfer hubs to share concerns from passengers. They will be there to answer questions and hear feedback from riders.

A human resources representative will also be available to provide information on jobs at the CTA.

At the first event Tuesday morning, CTA managers answered questions and listened to commuter feedback.

Gina Betterman is worried about people sleeping on trains daily.

"Not to allow them to sleep on the trains or to gamble and smoke, they are smoking pot getting high," she said. "They are living on the train and that's disturbing," she said.

Safety is also a major issue for riders and even others they know that use the trains everyday.

"I know for a few of my friends, like I've had friends where if it's late at night and they are going home by themselves I'm like, 'Make sure they stay on the phone with me until you get home' and everything like that," rider Ange Toku said. "Certain stops, yes, safety is an issue."

It's also about reliability. A group called commuters take actions is planning on holding a protest outside of CTA headquarters next month. They want office officials to be aware of late trains and buses and some that don't show up at all.

"The past few years, the CTA's reliability has really, really dropped," Fabio Gottlicher said. "Buses are not coming, often delayed. You can't rely on the train tracker to get to their destination and the communication coming from CTA about the service level up to now as not been sufficient, not reflecting what the passengers need."

The program started Tuesday at the California Blue Line station Tuesday and will continue for the next several weeks. On Wednesday, it will be at the 95th/Dan Ryan Red Line stop and on Thursday at the Central Green Line stop.

"The success of our Action Plan not only depends on all the things are we doing to improve customer experience, but also on being available to the communities we serve," said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. " The 'Ask CTA' events will provide our customers a chance to speak directly with the managers responsible for diverse functions at our agency. But more importantly, it will allow us to hear directly from our customers-and use their feedback to help us further improve how we provide transit service."

Future locations and times will be announced on the CTA's social media channels.