More Chicago looting suspect photos released by Chicago Police Department

Saturday, August 22, 2020
More looting photos released by Chicago police
The Chicago Police Department's task force to track down looters released six more surveillance photos of people they want to arrest.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As an alleged looter appeared in a courtroom today, the Chicago Police Department's task force to track down looters released six more surveillance photos of people they want to arrest.

Pictures of six alleged looters were taken at the Huron Nails & Spa the morning of August 10th, according to Khoa Tran, the store's owner.

Police release photos of more River North looting suspects; recap recent homicide, shooting investigations

Tran said he got up that morning and turned on the news. "I saw the looting going, and then I started turning my cameras on in the store and I saw the mess in the store, that's how I know," Tran recalled.

The surveillance photos taken inside his store appear to show four men, two women. Tran said when he looked at his store's cameras, he saw about 20 people inside his business.

"This is ridiculous," he said. "We just trying to have a normal living, and people come in and destroy our whole business. This is the second time in two months, so I'm afraid my insurance is dropping me."

Businesses still boarded up 1 week after looters ransacked River North, Mag Mile, Loop

The owner of Paul Young jewelry store on Randolph and Dearborn watched as his store was looted on live television last week.

Tran's store has been looted not once, but twice, totaling about $60,000 in damage and loss. Although he does have a few customers, he said business is down 70% compared to last year.

Tran said he has this message to the people now wanted. "We're just normal people, we're just trying to make a living. So think about that," said Tran, who moved his business from the Loop to River North five years ago.

New Chicago looting video released as feds investigate hundreds of digital leads

Federal prosecutors have nearly two dozen cases from the first round of looting this year.

Just a few blocks away the same morning, looters targeted Canada Goose on Michigan Avenue. And today, an Arlington Heights woman was in court, accused of looting and stealing a specialty coat from the store.

Micaela Kimbrough, 31, is a mother of three who works as a grocery store supervisor. Prosecutors say surveillance video shows her entering the Canada Goose on Michigan Avenue and exiting holding a coat.

The $800 coat is called a "Photojournalist Jacket" on the company's website.

Prosecutors say Kimbrough tried to sell it on Facebook Marketplace.

On Wednesday, prosecutors say a police officer met her to buy the coat. Prosecutors say she had the coat, and that's when police arrested her.

Prosecutors say Kimbrough waived her Miranda Rights, telling police she bought the coat for $75 from a hawker near 33rd Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway. She said the coat didn't fit "her man" so she decided to sell it on Facebook, according to prosecutors.

The judge set her bond at $10,000.