Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest goes mobile amid Coronavirus Pandemic

ByJalyn Henderson
Sunday, August 16, 2020
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The Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest is going mobile this year, bringing music and art to the neighborhood.

CHICAGO -- Hundreds of festivals and concerts were canceled this summer because of COVID-19, but one local community has found a way to keep a 19-year-old tradition alive.

The Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest is going mobile this year, loading bands up on a flatbed, driving around and bringing music to the neighborhood.

"Normally we have 15,000 -20,000 people coming out to Glenwood Avenue," said Alan Goldberg, Glenwood Avenue Arts District President. "We take up four city blocks and people are out congregating - obviously that's not social distancing. So we decided to bring it to the people."

"This way we won't have an abundance of people in one place but we'll be able to take the fest throughout the neighborhood and with video of the artists," added volunteer Alicia Hempfling.

The traveling fest has four different routes, going through the north, south, west and east sides of the 49th Ward.

Bands participating in the fest include Flatbed & Scruggs, Amazing Heeby Jeebies, Joyce Renee Walker Band and Urban Rhythm Band. Video trucks with local artists' work will also be shown throughout the routes.

"Everyone expects to have some sort of celebration, so we couldn't just let it slide because it's something that everyone is looking forward to," Hempfling said.