California woman reunited with dog stolen from outside Chicago Walgreen's

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A California woman had an emotional reunion with her dog after someone stole the 100-pound Great Pyrenees while it was tied up outside a Walgreen's store in Chicago's Loop.

Priscilla Agoncillo is in Chicago to spend the holidays with relatives. Her dog Chief means so much to her, she takes him everywhere.

She spent hours Thursday frantically passing out flyers with a description of the missing 11-year-old Great Pyrenees. She said she securely wrapped his leash around a bike rack outside a Loop Walgreen's Wednesday night and was gone for just five minutes.

"By the time I checked out they were gone with the dog," she said. "The Walgreen's has footage of who took the dog."

She searched all night and day for Chief; he is precious to her. She credits him with saving her family from northern California fires. She moved to LA after their home was damaged.

"He is actually the one who woke us up at 3:30 in the morning, warning us the fires were at our doorstep," she said.

Agoncillo was determined to find him. Then, she got a call from a stranger who spotted Chief near the Christkindlmarket in the Loop. It was him.

Terrance Grant and his girlfriend saw Agoncillo's flyer. The detailed description of a gray spot on Chief's back was how they immediately recognized him.

"For her to go from 'I don't know where the dog is' to finding him, it's really a Christmas miracle," Grant said.

Grant found Chief with a homeless couple. Agoncillo said she has no plans to press charges. She's just thankful to have her dog back.

"My worst fears just melted away," she said. "I'm just blown away on how beautiful people are."
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